Comprehensive Automotive Technical Training

Automotive Hands-On Training Courses Nationwide

You are invited to participate in the most advanced and comprehensive automotive technical training program available to aftermarket industry auto repair shops. Courses are presented by Enhanced Automotive Systems Technology, Inc., an award winning New Jersey based training company that has acquired a reputation for quality hands-on automotive training.

EAST has provided performance-based training to independent shops, OEM dealers, industry associations, municipal and state fleets, parts and equipment companies, mass merchandiser chains, Vo-Tech schools, and community colleges since 1998. In that time we have presented over 6,000 classes and educated over 28,000 individual technicians representing almost 8,000 shops. Many of those technicians have attended as many as 45 different courses.

EAST employs full time trainers with many years of experience diagnosing and repairing vehicles, and training... not only professional technicians, but professional instructors. EAST provides T3 (train-the-trainer) services to several well-known industry schools, and the United States Marine Corps.

Working out of a Research Center in New Jersey, EAST trainers and curriculum designers develop automotive training programs based on real world problem vehicles diagnosed in their Research Center, and in students' auto repair shops. Courses are presented using PowerPoint presentations enhanced with computer animation and video clips, allowing for a greater understanding of systems theory and operation. Instructors use video cameras and high resolution light boxes to enhance visual understanding.

Training aids are used to facilitate hands-on learning. Electrical boards are used to allow the student to practice hands-on exercises to learn proper use of DVOM's and DSO's; measuring resistance, voltage drops, circuit and motor amperage draw, and much more. Students are encouraged to bring their own test equipment to class (meters, scopes, scan tools, vacuum gauges, etc.), allowing for better understanding and retention of test procedures when they return to the shop.

Electronic boards are used to teach more advanced electronic principles, such as relay and motor operation, resistor/capacitor circuits, diodes, LED's, optical sensors, transistors, and other semiconductor devices. Students build and test circuits with step-by-step help from workbooks and instructor guidance. Pneumatically operated automatic transmissions are used to demonstrate valve-body function, clutch pack, roller clutch and planetary operation. Ignition simulators are used to quickly show the simplicity of ignition diagnosis.

Join us for a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

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